State/County Acceptance

OnlineSoar presents to your attention self-paced, self-study and completely online human trafficking courses with durability from 1 up to 12 hours. They start from $24.99 and come with a free, instant certificate of completion and no hidden fees.

In addition, the soar training provided by OnlineSoar is developed by a specialist who holds a certification in the field of human trafficking awareness and prevention. This soar program is nationally recognized by courts, judges, employers, legal representatives and other entities within the country. Also, it covers the general continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing professional education (CPE) requirements.

Furthermore, our human trafficking training is known to be widely recognized by states and counties in the United States which allow distance learning. However, we highly recommend our participants to check whether their certificate of completion will be accepted in their home state/county before starting the training. © · 2024