Soar Training Pricing

You have likely found this human trafficking course due to court, judge, legal representative or employer’s order. Traditionally, the entity that assigns you to complete a soar program, states their particular requirements in regards to the course continuity. We always advise our participants to register for programs at the required duration or longer than specified. Still, in case you complete a briefer course and do not meet the judge or employer’s requirements, your certificate of completion may be rejected.

In order to provide you with online soar classes which cover the standards of almost any entity nationwide, we offer to our participants soar program courses with duration from 1 up to 12 hours. They are completely distance learning, can be taken online and are absolutely self-paced and self-study.

Last but not least, our human trafficking courses come with the lowest price guarantee and have no hidden fees. Our classes start from only $24.99 and this price includes the certificate of completion.

* Lowest price guarantee applies. If you find a similar course at a lower rate just shoot us an email and we will adjust accordingly. View our lowest price guarantee. © · 2024